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Aircraft Sales & Acquisition

Cheeda Aviation is an aircraft brokerage specialising in the re-marketing and sale, acquisition and part-exchange of business aircraft internationally.Our dedicated professional service and results driven values sets us apart. We offer personal and discreet service to all our customers to cater their needs

Our expertise allows us to locate any pre-owned aircraft that matches as closely as possible to your requirements.

You can rely on Cheeda Aviation and our selected partners to prepare your aircraft in a perfect condition upon delivery and we shall assist you at every stage to completion of the transaction including final entry into service.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in negotiating with major aircraft manufacturers gives you, as our client, a significant advantage when purchasing new aircraft. Choose Cheeda Aviation as your preferred partner for your aircraft acquisition. We shall work alongside you with your best interests always in mind, and even recommend the selection of options, equipment and maintenance programs. Throughout the complex purchase process, our team will ensure that the aircraft is precisely to your specifications, for your complete peace of mind