Aircraft Management

We know that owning, operating and managing an aircraft can be a challenge. Cheeda Aviationis your partner and offers the perfect solution; we manage and operate the aircraft on your behalf. We aim to make the entire experience easy, taking care of all the essential tasks and maintaining the highest standards at all times.
In other words, we look at the details of aircraft management while you enjoy the benefits.

Enjoy the ultimate peace of mind that comes with knowing every last detail of caring for your aircraft is in the best hands possible. We can proudly say that we offer a reliable, personable partnership unlike any other.

Whether Fully, Charter or Personalised Managed Solution, our aviation specialists in scheduling, dispatch, and maintenance to flight operations, charter, and owner services are dedicated to overseeing every phase of your operation. This is truly a turnkey solution that works to meet your needs—while allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business.